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FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Let Your Backbone Slide

This morning I participated in my very first Instagram Live. It was with my friend Johnny Cantiveros who is a High Performance Life Coach. It was a blast. We talked about our shared history, career twists and turns and all the ways we are (attempting) to stay uplifted, inspired and connected during these turbulent times.

As we were wrapping the interview, Johnny asked me to offer up a challenge to his audience. I wasn't super keen on adding any more 'productivity pressure' to anyone out there in InstaLand, so I suggested some good ol' fashioned singing. More specifically, finding a song you've always loved (but never really known the words to) and effing mastering it. I also suggested belting out said song in a robe from your balcony, but this is not mandatory.

Johnny suggested I lean into some really tricky, super fast hip hop songs - which I was definitely down for. Wonder how long it would take me to figure out Busta Rhymes' 2001 hit 'Break Ya Neck'? Which btw, contains a whopping 758 words in 231 seconds. This breaks down to 3.28 words per second. In the music video, Busta can't even lipsync fast enough to keep up with his own track. This would take at least 3 months of intense quarantine rap practice, and I'm definitely NOT down for that. What I will do is share a totally weird, mid tempo remake of Maestro Fresh Wes' classic Canadian banger 'Let Your Backbone Slide'. I made this with two of my favourite video nerd friends in 2002. AND in 2008 when I interviewed Maestro for an ET Canada story - I showed it to him. He said I was craaaaaazy. He's not wrong.

Enjoy this FLASHBACK Friday courtesy of your Boyz from Wonderbread.


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